He made it again- Jeremiah 18:4

What did he make again? Jeremiah was a disappointed man. He thought he could do no more to stay the people from destruction. His heart was breaking. God told him to go down to the potter’s house, and there he saw the potter take a piece of clay and place it on a wheel. As he stood there to watch, the potter shaped it: it rose beneath his hand into a fair and lovely shape. But just as it was complete, and it seemed as though nothing just as it was complete and it seemed as though nothing more was needed, it crumbled beneath his hand. Some part of it fell upon the wheel, some part upon the ground. Jeremiah thought that the potter would take another piece of clay and make that clay fulfill his plan, but instead he stooped and gathered the broken clay with his hand and picked it from the ground and kneading it with his he placed it once more upon the wheel and began to make that clay again; and presently a vessel as fair as possible stood complete, ready to be taken to the kiln to be baked and made permanent,

Away back in your life God took you and place you upon the wheel, and for these many years, God has sought to make you fair. But I know not why I cannot tell-God knows-you know- there has come a flaw and break and you are a piece of broken pottery. Your life is marred, your ideal a broken ideal and all around there lie the littered pieces of the man or the woman that you might have been.

But now what shall you do? God put you in that place for a high purpose but you have missed your mark. Shall God take another man and give him your wealth, another woman and give her your position? Shall God take another student and put him in your church? Not yet, not yet. He might take another piece of clay and make that a vessel but instead, he comes again to seek you. His hand is passing through this audience to find you, that broken pieces of your life.

The hand of God is, so to speak, laying the hand upon the broken pieces of your spoiled life and if you will let Him, He will now begin to complete your nature by making it be what He meant it to be years ago when you were cradled at the foot of the cross.

He hates nothing that He has made and with an equal love He wants to do his best for each!

~ An excerpt from the Book “The CHRIST life for YOUR life” by F.B. Meyer