I was in a room having a talk with God to give me a topic to share the word of God. Somehow while praying tears were flowing from my eyes and I knew that the Holy Spirit was working in me.

As I was reading the parable THE TEN VIRGINS, there was one verse that stuck deep in my heart.

Mathew 25: 10 The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.

As the words seeped into my heart I got a shiver. The DOOR WAS SHUT. The word of GOD says that once the door is shut by GOD no man can open it. It happened even during the time of NOAH. Noah pleaded repentance from the people but none gave heed to his voice. Even after the ark was built they had the opportunity to believe and repent of their sins. But once the hand of God closed the door none was saved except for those who were inside. Their cries and pleas were not heard.

Those on the inside were safely inside; those on the outside could never get in no matter how hard they tried. There is a door that leads to heaven. That door is still open by the grace of Jesus Christ who shed his blood for us and today who is risen. Today the door is open but the word of God reminds us that the door will not be open forever. There is no second chance beyond death for those who had no time for Jesus in this life. Once you die, the door is shut forever. Either you go through the door while you are alive or you will never go through it at all.

SOME PEOPLE WILL BE READY WHEN JESUS COMES BUT SOME WON’T BE READY. Let us get in while the DOOR IS STILL OPEN. There is no space for regret once the Door is closed.

Originally published on sister website – https://christisourfoundation.wordpress.com/2016/11/28/the-door-was-shut/