I was wondering if I should write about the bombarded question by my Sunday School kids. First I decided against writing about it but then I thought it was really worth publishing it.

Today we were going to teach the kids about the baptism of Jesus Christ. As our lessons came to an end I encouraged them to ask questions if they wanted to. I didn’t know that I would be bombarded with many questions that finally I had to wrap it so that we could start the Sunday Service. We conduct the Sunday School before the service starts so that they can be part of the whole service and also learn from the word of GOD.

Below are the questions which came to their innocent mind?

  1. Why was Jesus called Jesus Christ and who gave the name Jesus Christ?
  2. Is it true that Israel still exists or is it a mythological place?
  3. The statue which the Babylonian King made is it still there?
  4. How can God speak to us?
  5. Can we still lie after baptism?
  6. Why did Jesus take baptism?
  7. Do you know anyone who has met and is still there today? (One of my Sunday Kid replies- Satan)
  8. Did Jesus speak to his mother and siblings?
  9. One of my students says- I don’t want to die but I want to go to heaven.
  10. Is the fish still alive who swallowed Jonah?
  11. In the garden of Eden, did the animals speak like the serpent?
  12. I want to talk to Jesus, can I have the number of Jesus?
  13. Another one says I will send a voice note through WhatsApp?

Kids are so adorable with the question’s they ask you really need to be so thorough with the Bible to answer them. If you have a calling to be a Sunday School Teacher, be prepared to face such questions and answer them.

Let me know what question your kids or Sunday School kids have asked during Sunday School in the comment section. Also, let me know in the comments how you would handle these questions.

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