In this post, I would like to share my testimony of how God led me through when I thought it was the least possible thing for me in my Board Exams.

Since my parents were missionaries, we would be transferred quite often to different states within two years. Similarly, when I was promoted to 9th Std we got transferred to Gurgaon, a place in Uttar Pradesh, India. We were late in joining classes by few weeks in the school due to transfer. While taking admission we didn’t know that one subject i.e Social Studies would be in Hindi, even though it was an English Medium School. It was only after we took admission and when the classes started I realized that Social Studies which had History, Geography, Economics, Politics and Disaster management, all were in Hindi. It was indeed a big shock for me as it was the least expected thing and my Hindi was bad, forget about learning an entire subject in Hindi.

We had a talk with the principal but the discussion was futile, I had to continue with it as it was too late to change schools and take re-admission. My first exam for Social Science was, to be honest horrible. I barely got through it.

That was when I started praying, keeping my hands on the book and prayed, “LORD, this is a subject that I don’t understand a word, and I have to give my Board Exam in Hindi. I am weak and I cannot do anything about it. I need your wisdom to understand and learn this subject which is like a Goliath to me but you are a GOD who gave victory to David over Goliath so I can conquer this subject by your wisdom”

God reminded me of Phil 4:13, which says that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, I held on to the promise and studied this subject trusting him completely. I used to keep a chair beside me, believing that Jesus was sitting beside me and teaching this subject. Then came the Board Exams, the subject which I feared the most. My prayer was to get at least 60 out of 100.

The exam result day was soon approaching, with every passing day I kept I believed the promise that GOD gave me and finally when the results were out, I got 86 out of 100. This was not my knowledge that helped me score this much. It was completely God’s grace and his wisdom that enabled me to score that much mark. Even today, I am very weak in Hindi.

I want to encourage all the students who will be appearing for their Board Exams. Don’t be scared, trust in the wisdom of GOD and he will take you to greater heights. Do not trust in your own wisdom, I repeat, Do not trust in your wisdom.

God helped me to score high marks in the subject that I was the weakest. Through my weakness, his name was glorified.

All the very Best for your Exams. Remember this verse from the Bible,

Phil 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.