Priya Daryani works in a company in Pune, she has a heart for Jesus and never fails to lose an opportunity to Praise GOD! Read her testimony below of how GOD took her through during tough times in her workplace.

The year 2017 Jesus blessed me with many testimonies at my workstation. I would like to encourage all people by sharing one of my testimony.

My name got nominated for International Audits and I was praying to Lord not my name because I was already loaded with work. But God allowed it. It happened that I got many opportunities from my friends to switch job but I was seeking an answer from Lord to switch or not. One brother at church encouraged me not to switch because if I would have switched then God would not have been able to work on me. He told me “Not every good opportunity is God opportunity”. As it was a “No” from Lord to switch, I made a decision to work for audits.

3 months passed away and we were continuously working for Audit preparation as our Company was applying for 3 international standards. Then 2 days prior to audits I was all get set ready with my team and Lord was speaking to me “Go and check your documents”. And I was able to hear LORD very clearly.  And when I started checking documents then there were some changes in it done by some member which would have resulted in zero. He is just an amazing God the way he spoke to me. Then I started preparing again and I requested my Church for Prayer Support. Finally, it came “Audit Day” and I was stressed as I was still working on it.

God turned situations in such a way that Auditors got delayed with 2 hours and I completed all set of my documents. Then finally Audit got completed for all 3 standards and we cleared it without NC. And after 3 weeks we got our certificates. I got blessed with certificates as an Auditor, Auditee and Core Member of my team.  What my point is “Allow God To Work On You”. Trust his ways and his plans, as Jeremiah 29:11 says that he has a plan to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and future.

~Priya Daryani