A graveyard is a place where people go to mourn their beloved ones. It’s very unlikely that you would get good news from the Graveyard.

But 2000 years back, something very amazing happened, an event which never happened before and never will again. After the death of Jesus, he was buried in the tomb of Joseph. The women who went to check the tomb on the morning of the day after Sabbath found it empty! The angels asked them, why are they looking for the living among the dead! They forgot about what Jesus had told them, he said “I would rise again”, while he was still alive among them. That’s the good news from the graveyard.

They went to the tomb, to see a dead body, instead, they found the empty tomb and witnessed the risen Christ!

God’s plan to save mankind got fulfilled on that day, Christ resurrected from the dead. Death could no longer hold him.

The greatest Good News that Christ has given us through his resurrection is the eternal life. There shall be no second death to those who believe in the Son of God, i.e Christ Jesus.

Romans 10:9 says  
If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

No-one knows the second coming of Jesus, he came and lived among us like a lamb, but he will return again but as the one who judges and not to advocate.

I love this saying, Jews expected a King, but a lamb came to rescue. Now, the world is expecting a lamb but he will return as a King with all the Glory.

Let’s not be like those 5 virgins who were not prepared for the arrival of the groom but like those virgins who were well prepared for the arrival of the groom. Let’s not be caught off-guard.

God Bless!