1 Corinthians 1:17

Recently, I heard a story, about a man who takes an immersion baptism in the church. But while the Pastor was dipping him into the water, the person who was taking Baptism did not dip his two fingers. After the Baptism, when the pastor enquired on why he didn’t he dip his two fingers during his baptism? The man replied that “Pastor, I have two more sins to do which I will do after my Baptism, therefore I will dip these two fingers only after committing those two.” Although it is a joke but sometimes it is very relevant in our backsliding lives.

Even after knowing the Lord, going to church, becoming secretary’s of the church, and if there isn’t much transformation in our life, we keep the graph of sin high. Like the notion of the story signifies, even when we preach and teach Bible, we tend to make plans to sin, plans to rely on the emptied plans of the wicked world.

We tend to move into Christ with a motive of blessings, financial breakthroughs, well paid jobs, healings etc. but the true Christian life is not a Life of all rules & regulations but it is an empowered and enriched life with the Power of Resurrection. Following Christ is a first preference choice to follow Christ selflessly and not through any self- enriching package.

Paul in his first letter to the Corinthian Church address the issues and rift of a Divided Church. The Context of the Passage is that Paul writes this letter to issue a letter of reconciliation to resolve the rift between the believers of the Corinthian Church. Paul Confronted their sins with the Power of God and His Death & Resurrection.

Today, You have to make a Decision on whether you want to allow yourself into the emptiness or empowerment & Enrichment in Christ. No matter what you have been before reading this devotional, Your step towards the Power of Ressurection is a Prayer & Faith Away. Christ has taken the emptiness away from us and have given us a Life of Power in Ressuerection. Let me sign off with a Question to you. What is your Decision ? Emptiness or Empowerment of Ressurection. Remember, The Cross of Christ can overturn your Emptiness to an Overflowing Empowerment.

An article by Stephen George Zachariah