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For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid which is Jesus Christ

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The Triumphant Entry

2000 years ago, there was a day in the history of the world, which was not a mere mythological story but a historical fact.An incident which never happened before and will never happen ever again in the future. Zachariah the… Continue Reading →

Me and My Sunday School Kids

I was wondering if I should write about the bombarded question by my Sunday School kids. First I decided against writing about it but then I thought it was really worth publishing it. Today we were going to teach the… Continue Reading →

The Story of a Shopkeeper and a Teen

Being a teen, we always tend to act differently. We feel that we are the most confused people but at the same time, we may also feel that others are dumb. We know better than them. Boys and Girls undergo… Continue Reading →

Madame Feller- The story of a women missionary

To be a missionary is not so easy unless you trust in God completely without which your sail won’t be easy. You need to trust the Lord in every circumstance, even when things might not be in your favor.  … Continue Reading →

Episode 3 – The Escape to Egypt

Whenever I heard Egypt, the mental picture that I got was that it was a place were Israelites were in bondage for many years. It, later on, occurred to me that Egypt was not just a place of bondage but… Continue Reading →

Do you Belong to HIS people?

Google Dictionary describes the meaning of “Belong” as the Property of. Often we hear this term.Every Single day when we open the newspaper, we get to hear the news of murders, property theft, dacoity etc. All the news is related… Continue Reading →

Too busy to spare some time for GOD?

A conversation between the Soul and the Human being. Soul: Hey C’mon! Wake up, man! I am starving, we need to spend time with GOD. I need to talk to him. Wake up! Man: Yeah yeah! Let me just get… Continue Reading →

Start Over!

I am not going to Heaven because I have preached to great crowds or read the Bible many times. I’m going to Heaven just like the thief on the cross who said in that last moment: ‘Lord, remember me.’ Billy… Continue Reading →

A letter from a mother to her sons about pornography

My Dear Sons, The eye beholds much good and evil in this life. Beholding leads to becoming. What we continually put before our eyes and minds will shape and determine who we are. Images either tell the truth or lie,… Continue Reading →

Billy Graham has finished his race on this earth at 99

The Rev. Billy Graham, the charismatic North Carolina pastor who took his evangelizing crusades around the country and the globe, died on Wednesday morning, according to officials of his organization. He was 99 years old. Evangelist Billy Graham, the man… Continue Reading →

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