What happens when you realize that the battery in your mobile is about to get discharged? If you are very much dependent on your mobile, you would immediately connect it with a charger. What if you don’t find a proper charging source? You may look around for one or plug it to a power bank. Some of them might even get a panic attack if they don’t get a source. The world is now at the fingertip and with discharged mobile, you might feel disconnected so disconnected and empty. You would feel in this situation if you are completely dependent on a smartphone.

Do you feel the same disconnection when you get discharged spiritually? Do you get a panic attack when you get disconnected from Jesus?

It’s only when we establish/re-establish our relationship with God, we will realize that there has been a major cutoff. If you are disconnected from Christ, you wouldn’t even know that you are discharged.

It’s very important that we keep and remain charged always. When you are charged, people will see Jesus in your life. You may not be a great preacher but your life and testimony will preach out loud.

Why did I title my Blog – Race Against Time?

We have become so busy in this world and its activities that most of us forgotten the commandment that Jesus gave to us before his ascension to heaven.

Mark 16:15

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Are we sharing the gospel with everyone? The greatest treasure that we have, have we kept it hidden? Devil and his companions are very busy to keep everyone entangled in their world. They know that the time is very near and they need to trap as many souls as possible.

What do you see when you look around? Don’t you see people walking down to hell? Don’t you see the destruction towards which they are heading to?

Gear up, time is today and now. When God gives you an opportunity to share the gospel with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors, utilize it.

The Second Coming of Jesus is getting near and near and so this question how well are you prepared and how well are you preparing others?

Today if the Holy Spirit is intervening in your lives, come on your knees and re-establish that lost connection with Christ. Jesus still loves you and he has already carried the darkest of your sins on the cross. He has forgiven you and wants to embrace you. It’s never too late to repent.

So, its like literally race against time to share the gospel and to abide in Christ till the end of times.

I would like to encourage you to read this article which is a conversation between the soul and the man titled “Too busy to spare some time for GOD”

God Bless You!