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Race against Time!

What happens when you realize that the battery in your mobile is about to get discharged? If you are very much dependent on your mobile, you would immediately connect it with a charger. What if you don’t find a proper… Continue Reading →

A Dream that brought me back to life!

Yesterday night I had a dream which brought me back to life. Though this was a dream it all felt so real. In my dream, I saw that I was walking down the streets when I got hit by a… Continue Reading →

Last Seven Sentences which Jesus spoke on the cross!

Today being Good Friday I took a day off from my work. Yesterday I had to set my vacation accordingly so people were notified about my absence, the subject which I wrote was “OOO due to Good Friday”, reading this… Continue Reading →

Episode 3 – The Escape to Egypt

Whenever I heard Egypt, the mental picture that I got was that it was a place were Israelites were in bondage for many years. It, later on, occurred to me that Egypt was not just a place of bondage but… Continue Reading →

Too busy to spare some time for GOD?

A conversation between the Soul and the Human being. Soul: Hey C’mon! Wake up, man! I am starving, we need to spend time with GOD. I need to talk to him. Wake up! Man: Yeah yeah! Let me just get… Continue Reading →

Episode 2- Were there three wise men?

Today’s passage reminded me of an incident which happened during my Sunday School. We were sitting in the Sunday School waiting for our Teacher to enter. As we were talking among our self, he entered the room and we all… Continue Reading →

Episode 1: The Story of a Righteous and Kind Man

I hope that you are as excited as I am to have a “Date with Christ”, but before we do so, please ensure that you are sitting in a place where no one can come and disturb you so you… Continue Reading →

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