Do you feel that being a youth as a Christian is the most difficult part? Well, you are not alone, there are millions out there in this world going through the same struggle that you are going through and we are here to speak about it, clarify it and grow stronger and more deeply rooted in Christ.

The struggles that you undergo within yourself mentally and spiritually is something which is hard to explain or show to others. Friends of your age do things which seems so normal yet in your conscience, there is a pricking from the Holy Spirit which reminds you that it is wrong and it is sin to commit them.

Daniel is a perfect example where he was in position among the non-believers. He was surrounded by idol worshipers, gossipers etc, something which even you might be facing while working with your colleagues. Yet Daniel stood strong in his faith never once did he waver in his faith. He stood strong by the word of God and because of his faith, the King declared Daniel’s God to be feared in his land.

Are we holding our testimony when we work with our colleagues, friends etc?