Passage: Luke 5:1-11

Are you putting your net at the best-stipulated place where Jesus has asked you to do so?Well, You may wonder why I am directing you to the Nets of the Fishermen?

Ya, truly my purpose of this blog is not to make you fishermen but rather to challenge you to obey Jesus and HIS words to its fullest.

Let’s Turn Our Bible to Luke Chapter 5 verses 1-11 where JESUS teaches the professional Fishermen how to Fish. I was pondering that if Indeed I was Simon, I would have surely asked JESUS the source of the knowledge before even experimenting to obey a Carpenter’s Son. Imagine if you are a Medical Doctor, would you ever dare to obey a Software Engineer before conducting a Cardio Surgery. Rightly thought its Dangerous to so and illogical. I presume that Peter after toiling so hard had the scope to nullify JESUS’s Words but as an act of obedience it can lead us to major breakthroughs in our Life.

Dear Readers, Let me just directly explain the breakthroughs of Blessings through our extra mile for obedience.

1. Hard work + JESUS(v5) can break the records and may add on the blessings Stored from above. After an eventful and tiring day at the business, Peter moved a step Further to obey the real Master of Our Life.A step of obedience broke the record and the nets of Fishing. Isn’t it a Miracle. Remember, When you work hard without results remember JESUS broke the records of the fishing when Professionals were trying to catch fish whole night.  Often we fail to obey Christ fully. Remember, Partial Disobedience is a Complete Disobedience.

2. Failure + JESUS(v5) can bring renewed results. Well, Humanly failures are bound to rap our lives at some point of time. But Word of God shows that JESUS is the greatest professional help available. If HE is accurate about the exact location of an abundant fishing, HE is even aware of the Exact Spot of the real blessing awaiting for your arrival. Furthermore, As God’s Children, He expects us to seek Him in all the Sections of Our Life.

3. Realization of Sinfulness + JESUS(v8-10) can bring a New Perspective. Christian Life is about the new perspective which we carry further. Old has Gone and the New Has Come. Like Peter realized how Powerfull GOD is, Peter Even realized that how sinful Peter himself is. Often this is the greatest Lack of any Psuedo- Christian Life.  We tend to limelight us with the mask of Christian Life but from an Old Perspective. Are you ready to be on your knees pleading JESUS’ Holyness in your Life??

4. A New You + JESUS(v10) can give you New Responsibility. Christian Life is about New Responsibility and Mission to strive forward. JESUS’s Crucifixion was for the very purpose to renew you and me into Christ-Centered individuals filled and full of Holy Spirit’s Empowerment and Equipment.

As a Conclusion, Let me Encourage each of us to travel an extra mile to achieve the whole Obedience to the Master. Remember, we are not Trash but rather Word of God mentions us a Masterpiece of God.

Our Record-breaking Breakthroughs are in the Process with the Whole Obedience to our Master God.