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Race against Time!

What happens when you realize that the battery in your mobile is about to get discharged? If you are very much dependent on your mobile, you would immediately connect it with a charger. What if you don’t find a proper… Continue Reading →

A Dream that brought me back to life!

Yesterday night I had a dream which brought me back to life. Though this was a dream it all felt so real. In my dream, I saw that I was walking down the streets when I got hit by a… Continue Reading →

What a Friend we Have in Jesus

Friendship day was celebrated yesterday all over and we made it a point to wish all our dear friends to let them know that they are special to us. A few years while I was still in college I had… Continue Reading →

Turning your Weakness into Strength

I once read the story of a man of God named John Scott, who once while preaching to a crowd in Sydney lost his voice. But he was still asked to continue with his preaching, as he was waiting in… Continue Reading →

When you feel Betrayed

The feeling of betrayal is not something that everyone looks forward to, if you have been betrayed at any point in your life, you would know exactly how that feels. It is said that the feeling of betrayal is far… Continue Reading →

Facing Failure!

A few months back I was having a word with one of my student who was once in my Sunday School. Last time I saw her, she was a teeny-weeny child and a few years later which was a few… Continue Reading →

Expecting the Unexpected

In my previous blogging website, I had shared a testimony about how I got a full refund of a non-refundable flight ticket. You can read about that testimony over here. God can do amazing things in your life when you… Continue Reading →

Why Should I believe in Jesus?

What is your answer when someone asks you “Why should I believe in Jesus?” or do you yourself have this question? I was looking up the internet to see what people searched more for “Why should I believe” and the… Continue Reading →

Overcoming Anxious Minds!

What does it mean to be anxious? Though there are many explanations for the word anxiety, Oxford dictionary defines anxiety as below an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or worry about something that is happening or might happen in the future  something that causes a feeling of fear and worry Irrespective of your age, you could be a victim… Continue Reading →

How to be a testimony in your workplace and college?

It is very easy to compromise on our way of living in our workplace and educational institutes due to peer pressure. King Solomon married wives of other nations who worshipped idols and to keep them happy he compromised and started… Continue Reading →

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