How excited are you to have a Date with Christ? Well if your answer is a BIG YES and you really want to start over or continue the once broken relationship with Christ, we are here to help you with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Before you go ahead, I want you to know that Holy Spirit is our Teacher and he teaches and guides everyone according to their needs, for he knows what and where you lack. The passages and topics here are only for reference and to get you started and move ahead in CHRIST which will also help you to build a stronger foundation in CHRIST.

Please do not take this as a replacement for BIBLE. Read the passage from the BIBLE, tune your mind to GOD and see how he speaks to you.

Our GOD is the same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, if he can speak to Samuel when he was just a child, If he could show his glory to Moses and if the earth could stop rotating at the prayer of Joshua, even today GOD can speak to you and do wonders in your life. Just be open to him and hear him in your life. Don’t belittle yourself and hide under the blanket of guilt. So let’s get started.